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LIMON Linear Bearings

A large selection of linear bearings are offered by LIMON in this collection. To provide free motion of the actuators in one direction, these bearings are exclusively designed for linear motion systems, so as to be called linear bearings, or linear motion bearings.

These linear bearings, especially several of linear ball bearings, are designed to operate without need of lubrications. Thus, linear bearings, such as ball bearings are widely applied in various fields such as food processing, textile machinery, medical and so forth.

Using latest technology for QC and testing equipment to manufacture bushing bearings, LIMON provides a large selection of bushing bearings that is consistent in quality. Different bearing parts like slide unit, shaft support make up the entire bearing assembly. LIMON bears its unique design to increase operating capacity of its bearings, while guaranteeing the smoothness in the operation of our bearings.

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