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Perhaps similar to your organization, LIMON is proud not only to be a strong enterprise, but to have grown from humble beginnings and to have earned its place in the automation industry. So what does the name LIMON represent? “Linear motion” but also the fact that our own motion is planned, guided, and directed to a specific purpose. As a brand it represents many things but most certainly dedication, diligence, persistence, reliability, and a razor-sharp focus on the actual wants and needs of both OEM clients and end-users.

With those characteristics, LIMON has grown solidly yet rapidly since forming in 2002 under GM Tony Zhu, initially targeting sales to Taiwan. Until that time Tony worked in international sales of industrial components, and became enamored of the tangible results manufacturing afforded. Designing, engineering, and fabricating physical products to directly provide visible, bespoke solutions holds great appeal to not only Tony but the whole team at LIMON. We seek out and develop staff that are not only competent and hard-working, but that share our passion for serving client need directly and indirectly.

Within two years, we had penetrated the Japanese market and were preparing to enter Europe. Tony’s philosophy was, and remains, one of always challenging oneself, whether as an individual or company. It was during this time that LIMON truly began to do just that, to meet the technology and quality standards in Japan. This time was marked by fast yet solid growth, laying a solid foundation for our future.

Utilizing our experience in Japan, we built on that success to add linear optic axis products and used them to grow into the Korean market, from 2005.  Subsequently, we expanded upon our offerings there and elsewhere, always employing the principles of direct feedback - from both immediate clients and end-users - and continuous improvement.

Not resting on our laurels, or physically for that matter, the following five years saw more growth not just in sales and markets, but in capacity, capability, quality, and reliability. We approached the Southeast Asian market through a branch office in Singapore, began sales in Italy, opened our own domestic trade company to import high-quality components, added ball screws and linear rails to our product line, and registered the LIMON brand name. In 2011-2012, we opened a branch office in Taiwan to further facilitate our purchasing and established our own design and manufacturing facility - both moves to enhance our quality, capability, and reliability.

Today we find ourselves looking towards the future yet again. In 2015 we will further strengthen our processes and procedures, and enhance our collaboration with our subsidiary in Taiwan. For 2016 and beyond, we will further explore the Turkish market and look to establish distribution elsewhere globally with further solid distribution partners.

We are sincerely looking forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs - near, medium and long-term - and jointly explore how we can best meet them.  You and your company are important characters in future chapters of our company success story...
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