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Screw Driven Linear Modules - SWG65
Actuator type & use:  ball-screw, for bearing-movable equipment (ball screw driven)
Strong & Fast
High load-bearing capacity
High precision:  +/- 0.01mm
Multi-point orientation
Executive command
Easy setup and operation
Smooth, quiet
Highly reliable
One-year warranty
Free repair available (subject to restrictions)

Ball Screw Driven Module (Ball Screw Type) for Linear Motion System

LIMON’s ball-screw type linear modules are designed for use in bearing-movable equipment. Compared with competing products, these modules are faster, stronger, have a higher load-bearing capacity, and operate more smoothly and quietly. They feature high-level reciprocating precision (+/- 0.01mm), with executive-control multi-point orientation. These attributes are achieved while maintaining energy conservation, easy set up and easy operation.

These advantages make them ideal for use in dispensing and filling machines, light machining, electronic testing and high-speed detection equipment, and optical communication devices, among many other uses. Industries producing such items employ our modules to replace manpower, improve operating efficiency, save space, and to reduce noise and dust.
With a one-year warranty and free repair offered (given normal use and subject to certain restrictions), these reliable modules are an ideal choice to go inside your OEM equipment. A full line of replacement parts is available (except the core cylinder).
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