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Linear Actuator Manufacturer Located in China

LIMON Auto Tech Co., Ltd. operates as a linear actuator manufacturer who produce linear actuators and linear motion units, such as linear motion actuators, linear bearings, linear guides, ball screws, which are used in different production lines in industries.

Run by the Founder Tony Zhu (G.M.) and Lucia Zhao (Sales Director), who have been focusing on manufacturing and supplying linear actuators for years, LIMON is a high-tech manufacturer of actuators, specialized in manufacturing automated light to medium-duty linear actuators, and currently undergoing rapid advancement of both capacity and capabilities. The company deliver great client solutions both by emphasizing actual end-user demands and by building upon a strong foundation of diligence, consistency, responsiveness, reliability and attention to details.

As a professional linear actuator manufacturer located in China, LIMON manufactures actuators and other linear products for 15 years. The actuators and relevant units are widely used in automatization of electronic, medical and automation, all of which comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in United States, Brazilian, Russian, Korean, Singaporean, Italian, Turkish and other countries’ markets and regions.

LIMON has been able to utilize all beneficial Chinese resources to manufacture the best linear actuators and linear units for actuator assembly. To guarantee a high level of quality, the company formed a strict QC system by using advanced imported testing equipment. Offering high efficient and fast respond, precision and speed, high quality and low price linear actuator manufacturing are the company’s culture. Types, or a combination of belt-type actuators for fast-moving, light-impact use; ball-screw type actuators for precision applications, and cylinder actuators for multi-point orientation needs. Collectively, they meet a wide range of demands for different linear motion systems for multiple industry manufactures, including machining, auto industry, part testing, electronics, medical, food filling, stamping machines, “4D” cinema seats, and so forth.

There are three primary advantages of LIMON:

  • Ability to design, engineer and manufacture optimal, tailored client solutions
  • Standard 10-day lead time for previously manufactured items
  • Excellent, consistent quality and services

The company achieves its success by and will carry on:

    • Importing key components from well-known manufacturers, through our subsidiary in Taiwan and other sources
    • Importing the latest technology in QC testing equipment, giving the company capabilities unknown to its competitors
    • Utilizing highly-professional network of distributors in Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, Turkey (2015), and elsewhere (2016 and beyond)
    • Continuous persistent of the G.M. and the strong liaison between development and marketing
    • Building and fostering a strong long-term linear actuator manufacturing & sales team, including:
        • Lucia: Sales Director (all promises are directly from the ownership!)
        • Hu Yaguo: working in linear actuator development and manufacture for more than 23 years
        • Zhao Yonglei: drawing, troubleshooting, process optimization, and QC. Studied Mechanical Engineering in Japan, and formerly worked for a boutique firm providing niche solutions to Huawei
        • 22 well-trained office staff working in sales, customer svc., & sourcing
        • Numerous well-qualified employees at the linear actuator warehouse in Cixi and assembly facilities near Beilun Port, Ningbo, China

We look forward to meeting you, and beginning a long-term cooperation that involves our targeted, effective solutions for you and your firm!

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